Many tears this morning. One of my mentors has gone beyond the land of the living.

My heart has caved in with sadness. Rodney Ahn has passed on.
He was, and still is a friend, mentor, and inspiration to me.

I would not be as free of a soul if I had not met him so many years ago.
I wish i had one more song night of Kani ka pila jams with him by the fire.

He was the master of the smooth jams, a real human jukebox.
Don’t even get me started on his hunting and cooking abilities.
He lived, and died, as he wished, in the valley that he received love and kokua.
He gave that love and kokua back as simply and freely as I have ever seen a human give.

Only profound love for my teacher
Only profound love for my friend
Only profound love for our time shared
Only profound love for his family
Only profound love for his love

My heart is overcome

I will play your songs as long as I have breath in my body

A Hui Hou my friend

If you want to listen to an original song by Uncle Rodney, It is posted here. We recorded this jam last August on the bluff in Kalalau with the mayor playing the flute. It is called See You In China

I took the black & white photo below while recording his songs

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