Vote for Art!! (specifically my new album art)

I’m excited!
My debut record in currently being mastered by a genius in Chicago.
That means that soon the wonderful sounds we’ve created will be available for your ears!!
I’m hoping to get this band to open for me at the album release party that is bound to happen in Honolulu, LA, or NYC, or all three if you like.
I enjoy all those coasts.

Now I humbly come to you to ask you to take part in some Roothub decision making.
You up for it?
OK, consider yourselves eager fans, consultants, critics, or bored enough to help me out

I’ve made up three album art designs.
You get to pick which one will grace the cover of the upcoming record.
I’m sure there’s nothing more you would like to do than to take a poll on the internet.
At least this one won’t give you a virus or hawk your data out to sleezy and questionable shucksters

Pencils ready?
Let’s begin



Flyin Lion

Which one of these do you think should be the album art for the upcoming Roothub release?

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