Dispatches from the city of constant sound

From the second your boat, bus, plane, car, horse, carriage, bike, or feet hit the concrete of NYC there is one constant. That constant is sound. I came here to add some of my sound to this city’s chorus of sonic vibrations and boy, let me tell you, it’s a blast!

As soon as I get a card reader (the one I used refused to leave the island of Oahu) I’m gonna be posting much more visuals with these dispatches.

We kicked off the summer tour at Dominion in the village and I can honestly say that I am one fortunate son of earth to have started this tour in such a fantastic venue with one of the friendliest, professional staff I have come across in quite a while.

My friend/tour cohort Biku opened the night and played his first NY show. He was fantastic

Then I sang some songs and stuff

And last, but certainly not least, my friend and hero CornMo played his songs and made us all laugh with genius funny speeches. He’s one of a kind as all who were in attendance can attest.

Here’s some pics




What a night! After the show I stayed in the last of the Bowery flop houses. I do not recommend this unless it is absolutely neccessary. The next night I stayed in a king size memory bed up in the clouds in a swanky apt. on 6th ave. May wonders never cease.

More dispatched coming soon!

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