Tour Gear

Some great friends of mine were recently visiting me on Oahu.
One day they came home with a gift for me.
The gift was a shirt.
The shirt had a shark on it.
I love this shirt.
Turns out it’s a series of shirts from Kicks Hawaii.
As the name entails, Kicks Hawaii is THE sneaker spot on Oahu, but they are not limited to things you throw on your feet.

So I immediately jumped across the island to pay Kicks Hawaii a visit and meet Chris Kam.
Chris showed me the two other shirts in the Born & Raised line and told me the story of the artist who created the Niuhi (Tiger Shark), Pua’a (Boar), and Pueo (Owl) designs. I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to rock on top on stage this summer. From the waist down it’s all UNDFTD. So if you see me playing music this summer, you will see these shirts.
Mahalo to Chris & Kicks Hi for helping me represent local island flavor.

Niuhi (Tiger Shark)

Pua’a (Wild Boar)

Pue’o (Owl)

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