There are times in your life where you feel that you are looking for something particular, when in reality, there is something completely different waiting around the corner to greet you. This seems to happen to me on a daily basis. Partly because of the nature of the universe, and also because I am easily distracted.

This happened to me yesterday while looking for a place to eat in downtown LA. My first intention was to hit up Colima. Owned for 40 years by three sisters from Colima, Mexico, this spot is one of my favorites. For some reason it was cerrado. So I thought about poppin into Philippes. This place is legendary. It was 3pm and I thought it wouldn’t be to crazy. I was wrong. What was crazy was a woman waiting by the door who instantly told me about the photos she’d seen of me all over the street and that “the word was out about my presence in town”. I began to feel an instance of self gratification until I heard her tell the three Korean women standing next to her that “there were many monsters in the coleslaw that they would need to leave their hats in heaven if they wanted to survive”. These women were not wearing hats.

So from there I wandered for what seemed like 13 minutes until I found the Spring Street Smokehouse. It was great and the lemonade was refreshing. Upon exiting the establishment, the place next door caught my eye. It was the kind of place that any musician, or lover of music can not simply walk by. The type of establishment that sticks out from the norm of mini-marts and dry cleaners. This was Caveman Vintage Music. Take a look

Justin and Eric are really swell guys. Unassuming and helpful have not been common attributes in my history of dealings with music shoppe folks. These guys are, at the same, time knowledgeable and fair in their trade, which is something that I respect. Not only are they well stocked with vintage gear, but they also sell vinyl records, teach lessons, and are soon adding a repair shop.

So once again I find what I was not looking for, but what I was meant to find. I think I’ll share more of my discoveries with you from here on out.

Any gearhead or musician or music lover of any age should stop by this place. Get some BBQ after you visit. I don’t want to see and sauce fingerprints on the Moog!

Now for the pics!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out RootHub and thanks for coming in the shop. We really appreciate it. Our web site is under construction, but when finished please check it out at For now, please hit us up on our facebook page for info and updates.

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